Qoya Workshop with Betsy
Saturday, November 14th
10am-1pm, London
Soho location given upon registration


“I feel there is something unexplored about woman that only a woman can explore.”
— Georgia O’Keefe

IMG_6838OptYou’ve read plenty of spiritual and self-help books. Maybe you’ve spent time in therapy. It all helps – but it still feels like there could be more. More love, more joy, more peace.

Join Betsy Blankenbaker for a Qoya class and workshop created to invite you into your sacred body. What would life feel like if you could access your turn-on at anytime? What does it mean to be in your sacred body? The answers may surprise you.

Qoya class will include transformational breathing techniques and exercises designed to honor the sensual body and enhance the natural state of joy in your being.

During the workshop, there will be intimate discussion based on Betsy’s research for her book Autobiography of an Orgasm.

“Many of us have left our bodies – we’re not embodied creatures, we’re not living inside our own muscles and cells and sinews. And so we’re not in our power, we’re not in our energy.”
– Eve Ensler

Qoya is a shift in consciousness where you are invited to let go of the conditioning around being a woman and find the place that feels good – and move from there.  First in your body and then in your life. You will leave the workshop with three new practices to keep you in your power.

Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a yoga mat, bare feet and a playful soul.
Investment: $60 USD payable thru PayPal

Email Betsy to sign-up by clicking here.

**Free London Event**
Monday, December 7th, 2015 — 7-9pm
Join Betsy and storytellers for an evening of spoken word and discussion from the book, Autobiographies of Our Orgasms
The Gallery Cafe, 21 Old Ford Road
Food, drinks and books available for purchase at the event.

“Autobiographies of Our Orgasms goes far beyond the physical to the mental, 
emotional and moral experiences of women.”
— novelist, Dan Wakefield1

**Join Betsy in Costa Rica**
April 9-16, 2016
Betsy is one of the teachers at the 2016 Qoya Collective Retreat
Save your place with a $500 deposit