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Moving Towards The Light

This past January, I was asked to speak at CreavtivCatalyst Week in Downtown Las Vegas about a moment in my life that was a catalyst for change (you can watch my speech here: There was no one moment to pick from. My life looked like a series of random events that were unrelated. Some of them I planned, many were out of my control. Most of the catalyst moments seemed either sad or funny, like God was trying to see if I could take a joke.

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The Value of Listening

The week before the release of my book earlier this month, I had a day of self-doubt. Maybe writing the story for myself was enough. Maybe I shouldn’t speak it out loud.

Much of the first chapter of the book was events in my life that I had kept secret for years. I was too ashamed to speak up about my past to even my closest friends and family. Now I was revealing it all in a book. I called my 23 year old daughter Lucy to ask for advice.

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What My Friends Are Saying

One of my dearest friends has written a remarkable book! I’ve been privileged to read a large portion of it during the editing process and I’m looking forward to its release next month. Betsy Blankenbaker’s writing serves to encourage us all to speak our truth through devoted, clarifying, and caring gestures to self that set one free and make room for new joys.

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Finding the Sacred in Every Moment

I have a few places I go to retreat and renew, even if I only have 24 hours. Islamorada, in the Florida Keys, is one of those spots. It’s only a 75 minute drive from Miami, but it feels like I landed in the islands and for a few hours I can live in my swimsuit and bare feet.

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