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Betsy Murphy is a writer, performer, mother, grandmother, and guide for women to retrieve the hidden parts of our stories. She speaks about the “things we don’t talk about” but does it in a way that makes you comfortable being in the conversation. What part of yourself are you ready to remember and reclaim?

More about Betsy from Readers, Reviewers, & Writing Retreats:

“Betsy, thank you so much for encouraging us to show up to write, to use our voices, and tell our stories. I written more with you in the last few months than  the past 10 years and it has been so beautifully cathartic.”
~ Ashley Hallmark

“Thanks, Betsy, for giving me the opportunity, the inspirations, and the courage to finally begin telling these stories. I wrote stories that I never knew wanted to be told — and a couple that I suspected needed to be told, but I had never been ready to tell them.”
~ Michael Shutt

“I love how you’ve swallowed the sun and now it beams out from everything you do—pleasure activism, writing, loving your kids, loving your community, and most of all loving yourself. I love the way you’ve transformed what has hurt you into what heals you, and how you dance forward into the eternal What’s Next.”
~ Jennifer Gandin Le

“Watching The O Diary (solo show) made me feel like I have a voice.
Thank you.”
~ Audience Member

“Autobiography of an Orgasm is so powerful, so kind, so warm, so generous, and so brave. With this book, Betsy is changing the world. I gave your book to both my sons to read, in the hope that it will make them better men.
Thank you.”
~ Reader

“The Bali retreat with Betsy was profound in so many ways —  magical, spiritual, beautiful, enlightening, warm, accepting, nourishing, and  rich.  If you’ve never been on a retreat of any kind go on one of Betsy’s. She is gentle, kind, and so full of love. She just gets it–whatever ‘it’ is to you.
~ Keira Chassman

New York in the Fifties (documentary, 2001) is “an enlightening and entertaining history lesson about one of the most creative and influential groups of individuals in the 20th century.”
~ Box Office Magazine.

Something to Cheer About (documentary, 2007), received a grant from the Roy W. Dean Foundation for “Excellence and Dedication in filmmaking” and was invited to screen at the Martin Luther King Dream Series in Atlanta.

Althea & Angela (documentary, 2013)  “Thank you for this film! It made me cry so many times –out of joy, depth of understanding, frustration, sadness, and of vicarious racism of that time. As a Black woman and teacher, I will share this story in my classroom.”
~ Bibi Angola

Amongst her various philanthropic contributions, Betsy does an annual Qoya Service & Safari Retreat to Zimbabwe. To learn more click here.

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