By Betsy B. Murphy

Write On.

A Daily Writing Practice for Anyone with a Story to Tell

“MUST HAVE new book for every writer/speaker.”
Scott McKain, bestselling author and Hall of Fame professional speaker

Write On has 365 days of writing prompts. If you commit to doing the prompts daily for 15 minutes, at the end of the year you’ll have over 200,000 words. If you are thinking about writing a book, that’s about three books worth of material. If you are wanting to write a TED-style talk, that’s over 300 ideas for a talk. If you write newsletters, it’s a year of inspiration.


Betsy B. Murphy

Betsy B. Murphy is an author, humanitarian and veteran filmmaker of several acclaimed feature documentaries. She founded Figaro Films, Inc. in 1998 to produce important films which inspire, enlighten, entertain and educate. Betsy created the platform Beautiful Infinity Books, a publishing collective, in 2017. BIB offers workshops and retreats to incubate and develop the work of creators.

Born and raised in Indiana, Betsy began her career as a producer/writer of commercials and nonfiction programming after obtaining a BFA in broadcast journalism from Southern Methodist University. She is a mother and grandmother (Gogo) and, when she isn’t traveling, calls California home.

Beautiful Infinity Books & Films

Autobiography of an Orgasm

Betsy’s honest, funny, sexy, unapologetic, eccentric journey…had me laughing, crying and filled with delight. 
~ Laura Davis, co-author of The Courage to Heal

Beyond O

“With her typical wit, “brutiful” honesty and vulnerability, I felt like I was granted behind-the-scenes access to Betsy’s ongoing sensual journey.”
~ Klynne, Australia

Autobiography of Our Orgasms

Autobiographies of Our Orgasms goes far beyond the physical to the mental, emotional and moral experiences of women.”
~ Dan Wakefield

Autobiography of Our Orgasms 2

“Revealing the truths of our bodies creates a necessary path to breaking the cycle of silence and awakening the life force and powerful healer that resides in each of us – our orgasm.”
~ Dr. Liz Orchard

Autobiography of Our Orgasms 3

 “America and the world are in the beginning stages of a completely new, open and honest (r)evolutionary understanding of sex and sexuality. Betsy’s books are a MAJOR part of that (r)evolution.  A ‘MUST READ’.“
~ Sao Long 

Chasing Temples

Chasing Temples is Betsy’s entertaining and relatable tale of how searching for enlightenment in the spiritual world led to disillusionment instead of devotion.

(Release: Fall, 2021)


Something to Cheer About

“Betsy Blankenbaker’s documentary celebrates a victory over much more than just rival teams.”
~ New York Times
“Unlike ‘Glory Road,’ it’s all true.”
~ The Washington Times

Althea & Angela

“Althea (Gibson) and Angela (Buxton) were teaching the world to do the right thing,
no matter what.”
~ Billie Jean King

New York in the Fifties

“Richly Atmospheric, Engaging, Intense!”
~ The New York Times

For inquiries on worldwide distribution rights to documentary or any feature film based on her work, contact Betsy here.


Autobiography of An Orgasm is an honest memoir so worth reading. Many will be helped by this book… and especially if shame or hatred for your body or sexuality is an issue, it might shift your entire life.”

—Tosha Silver, author of Outrageous Openness

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Grief Glimmers Grace

Grief Glimmers Grace includes stories and 52 weeks of writing prompts to support you through grief and to discover a healing path back to yourself.

Release Date: November 27, 2023
*Available to order from all booksellers on the release date.

Solo Shows

Chasing Temples

Chasing Temples, written & performed by Betsy Murphy, takes you on a wild road trip into the world of spiritual enlightenment and ends up in the one place Betsy was avoiding. Like her popular show The O Diary, Betsy doesn’t shy away from offering personal details that usually make you cringe. Instead, you end up cheering for Betsy and the lost parts of yourself you are ready to reclaim.

Watch a sneak peek here.

The O Diary

“Betsy’s one-woman show, The O Diary, is simultaneously funny, heart-wrenching, and inspiring. Betsy’s delivery is perfect for this type of story. She doesn’t shy away from graphic details of her quest (to make friends with her orgasm). Betsy isn’t loud. You have to really lean in and listen to hear what she’s saying. But you want to hear it. That’s her voice, and though it may be soft, it’s damn powerful.”
~ NUVO Magazine

Watch a sneak peek here.

Beautiful Infinity Stories

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