On 11/11, spend an uplifting afternoon with author Betsy B. Murphy as she presents her solo show, The O Diary, followed by a writing & storytelling workshop at 42 Acres Shoreditch in London. The O Diary is based on Betsy’s popular book, Autobiography of an Orgasm.

More than ever, we are seeing and hearing women speak up about moments in their lives when they didn’t feel safe in their bodies. What happens when you tell the truth about your life in a world that prefers you stay silent? After the sixty minute show, Betsy will guide you through writing and speaking prompts to inspire you to remember that your voice matters, too.

The O Diary

A funny, heart-wrenching, and inspiring story of discovery

“Life-altering and Gutsy.”

“So honest, touching, courageous, and so darn funny.”

“Every woman should see this show – and every man who loves a woman should see it too.”



The O Diary is simultaneously funny, heart-wrenching, and inspiring. Betsy’s delivery is perfect for this type of story. She doesn’t shy away from graphic details. But she takes what would to many people be some extremely uncomfortable subject matter and tells it to the audience the way a friend might tell you about her new floors while you’re getting coffee. That is to say, she makes the listener feel safe while discussing things that typically make people blush and squirm with discomfort.

Blankenbaker isn’t loud. She doesn’t use a microphone on-stage. You have to really lean in and listen to hear what she’s saying. But you want to hear it. That’s her voice, and though it may be soft, it’s damn powerful.” – NUVO


The 11/11 show and workshop are for women only. Expect an entertaining and enlightening afternoon of sharing and storytelling.

Ticket includes solo show performance followed by a writing & storytelling workshop and tea.




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