IMG_4290When I was young, I remember being called a “dreamer” like it was a bad thing. I loved disappearing into books and reading encyclopedias. One of my favorite objects in my childhood home was a world globe that I would spin and press a finger down to stop. Whatever country my finger landed on, I would look up in one of the 26 volumes of encyclopedias on the shelf of our living room – and then I’d imagine what it would be like to visit that country.

I grew up in Indiana and I was always looking for a way out. Now I understand why but for many years I didn’t. Indiana was the place of my first sexual assaults, many before the age of eighteen. Indiana was the place I was first silenced. For many years I was running from my home until I realized that I needed to make peace with myself, not my birthplace.

The books Autobiography of an Orgasm and Beyond O describe my pilgrimages around the world before finally finding the answers in the one place I was avoiding, my first home – my body.

I don’t live there anymore, but Indiana will always be home. I’m returning during the summer of 2019.

Back Home Again in Indiana, Summer 2019

On June 6th, I’m offering a Qoya workshop on Intuition and Imagination at Embarque Yoga on 54th street. Embarque is a new studio with an old soul. The studio, created by Alyssa Pfennig, is a favorite place for classes when I’m back home. If I’m there on a Sunday morning, you’ll find me at Diana’s Kundalini class. Alyssa is offering transformational day retreats that combine yoga and hands-on work with horses at a nearby ranch. The next one is July 14th. Embarque also offers massages and facials. I always schedule a facial with Sara when I’m in Indy.

I’ll be back in Indy in August to present my solo show, The O Diary, during the Indy Fringe Theater Festival. The O Diary is a 60-minute show about discovering what it means to be a mother beyond the traditional family roles – and what happens when a woman  (a mother) speaks up about everything from orgasm to assault in a world that wants her to stay silent.

The O Diary manages to be a wake-up call,  a call to action, and salve all at the same time.”

“Compelling, open, and honest. Betsy has the ability to have you gulping with emotion one minute and laughing out loud the next.”

All shows are downtown at Mass Ave venues. Tickets are available soon. I would love your support of the show! The O Diary dates and times are:

Friday-Aug 17 10:30 pm

Saturday-Aug 18 1:30 pm

Sunday-Aug 19 9:00 pm

Wednesday-Aug 22 7:30 pm

Saturday-Aug 25 7:30 pm

Sunday-Aug 26 4:30 pm

A FREE Masterclass with Jennifer Dove

YCF_BetsyBlankenbakerIn June, you can join me virtually for a conversation with Jennifer Dove on how to use intuition (and imagination) to create your best life. Jennifer is a poet, intuitive coach, astrologer, and creativity specialist. She’s hosting provocative video conversations in an online Master Class called Your Creative Fire: Ignite Your Intuition, Claim Your Joy, and Unleash the Life You Truly Deserve.

This master class will give you the tools and methods necessary to learn to honor your inner guidance and to create a life that is most authentically aligned with your truest self. I’m thrilled to be one of the featured master practitioners and I hope you will take advantage of this FREE video series. Register HERE for Your Creative Fire! (http://Betsy Blankenbaker –

Upcoming 2018 Retreats

Bali October 6-13: Qoya & Writing at Soulshine Bali
Write Your Soul Story

Bali October 21-29: Writing & Storytelling Intensive
A boutique writing retreat coinciding with the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival

London November 10 & 11: Story Flow with Betsy & Jo
Discover the story behind your story

Zimbabwe November 19-26
Service & Safari Retreat: Educate, Empower, and Elevate Your Spirit
Details on previous Service & Safari Retreats (contact Betsy for info on 2019 retreat)

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