“MUST HAVE new book for every writer/speaker.”

Scott McKain, bestselling author and Hall of Fame professional speaker

Write On: A Daily Writing Practice for Anyone with a Story to Tell

by Betsy Murphy

Write On has 365 days of writing prompts. If you commit to doing the prompts daily for 15 minutes, at the end of the year you’ll have over 200,000 words. If you are thinking about writing a book, that’s about three books worth f material. If you are wanting to write a TED-style talk, that’s over 300 ideas for a talk. If you need to write newsletters, that’s a year of inspiration.

Now available in paperback on Amazon.

#writewithbetsy in 2020

In 2020, I’m offering online writing circles with the option to add in-person weekends to workshop your story.

Here is what worked for me to go from talking about writing a book to finally doing it:

  1. Write every day. What is the story behind your story? Once I committed to writing a book, the stories came through me like the universe was on my side, but I wrote many stories that never made it to the book. My writing partner, Jo Carnegie, and I describe these as the stories behind your real story. The stories that come through with a daily writing practice like the writing prompts offered in the book Write On are always valuable even though it may seem like they aren’t part of your story. They are. They are the story behind the story. They are the words that need to be witnessed. They are the unexpressed stories of your heart.
  2. Joining a weekly writer’s group. In the writer’s group, I committed to sharing one story a week. It was helpful to have deadlines and to read my story out loud. The writer’s circle was the place where I received valuable feedback from what the reader wanted to know more about and what scenes needed clarity.
  3. Investing in writing workshops and retreats. I’ve offered workshops and retreats in California, France, Bali, and Florida — and I go on retreats to support my new books and solo shows. In the same way that an athlete invests in a coach, the retreats are a way to grow as a writer. I always leave the retreats inspired by the other writers and full of ideas for more stories to tell.

Write with Betsy in 2020

The Writing Circle


“This is helping me get clear on my book.”

If you can write one good story, you can write one good book. The Writing Circle is focused on workshopping one to four of your stories (or chapters). We’ll meet four times on Zoom with 2-4 writers to workshop a story (max 4 writers).  Includes a 45-minute private Zoom session with Betsy at the beginning and end of the month.

Dates:  April 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th

Time: 9.30-11 am PST or 3.30-5 pm PST

Commitment: You’ll meet with Betsy before the first session to get clarity on your stories. Write one to four stories of up to 1,400 words to read during the writer’s circles. You can share the same story all sessions (and add revisions) or workshop separate stories. The stories don’t have to be complete. There is no negative feedback. You’ll be offered what we liked about the story and what we want to know more about.

Is The Writing Circle for you?

You write but it reads more like journal writing so you are ready to bring more structure to your stories.

You’ve completed stories that could be chapters for a book.

The Writing Circle offers valuable feedback from both Betsy and other writers. Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, The Writer’s Circle is a welcoming space.

The Writing Whisperer


“The writing prompts are definitely clearing some blocks.”

“So far, I’ve written almost 10,000 words and we aren’t even halfway through the prompts. Thank you!”

“Some days the prompts are hard only because you give me permission to write about things I’d hidden. Thank you for this gift.”

With The Writing Whisperer, we are looking for the story behind your story that allows your writing to flow from a place of ease and grace.  You’ll meet twice during the month on Zoom with Betsy (45-60 minutes) to discuss writing goals and ideas for stories. You’ll start with 15-minute a day writing prompts from the book Write On. You’ll email the daily stories to Betsy for simple feedback and reflection.

Commitment: A daily 15-minute writing practice as inspiration to discovering your story. Betsy will also offer personalized prompts to get clarity on your story. The Writing Whisperer lasts for four weeks and can begin anytime as long as Betsy has space available. Email betsy@betsybmurpy.com when you are ready to start writing.

 “I love how she is an ardent cheerleader for us all to tell our stories and that with these 15-minute forays we might just be writers as well.” ~ Tara Dixon

Is The Writing Whisperer for you?

You’ve got a lot of stories but don’t know where to begin. The first ten days of writing prompts are from the book Write On. The next ten days are personalized and emailed daily. The final ten days are devoted to building on several of the prompts so that you end up with chapters for a book or a professional talk. (Estimated new word count: 5,000 – 10,000 words)

The Writer’s Way

$1,200/month     3-month commitment

The Writer’s Way is for anyone ready to stop talking about writing a book and start writing it. You’ll meet 3 times a month on Zoom with Betsy. We’ll discuss ideas for your book cover and you’ll receive a mock-up of the cover to inspire your writing. The private sessions focus on both new and existing writing to support your book. You’ll receive a professional copy edit of up to 15,000 words of writing produced during The Writer’s Way. You will meet with Betsy and literary consultant Mark Shaw for a 20-minute discussion (via Zoom) on finding an agent and publishing.

Date/Time: Your choice (you’ll be emailed a calendar to book)

Commitment: Three 60-minute monthly sessions with Betsy on Zoom, plus weekly workshopping of your writing via email.

Is The Writer’s Way for you?

You’re writing in the direction of a book but still need more clarity.

You are clear on your book (or talk) but need guidance on the next steps.

You’re ready to complete or polish your manuscript and get valuable insight on how to publish.


A Spring Women’s Writing Retreat with Betsy in Northern California

April 24 to 26, 2020

“I love how Betsy swallowed the sun and now it beams out from everything she does—pleasure activism, writing, loving her kids, loving her community, and most of all loving herself. I love the way Betsy has transformed what has hurt her into what heals her, and how she’s danced forward into the eternal What’s Next.” ~ Jennifer Gandin Le

 Join Betsy at her Auburn, California home for a 3-day writing retreat focused on telling the stories that heal us and others. These are the stories of your life and when we gather in a circle to share them they become the stories that liberate your life. These may be stories that you’ve never shared with anyone or they may be stories that you finally need to say out loud because it’s too uncomfortable to keep them inside where they take up space. Let’s gather to set those stories free and see what is waiting beyond.

The weekend retreat is a sort of spring cleaning for your spirit and inspiration to keep writing so that you discover your own What’s Next — maybe it’s a book or TED talk, maybe it’s leading your own retreats or strengthening your own voice. In the same way that you purge your home and detox your body to feel better, can you use writing as a way to release the hidden stories taking up space so that the story your spirit really wants to tell can rise?

The weekend includes a welcome dinner & drinks and two lunches (all vegetarian), daily writing circles, the opportunity to workshop one of your stories with the group, and a private session with Betsy during the retreat as well as a private pre-retreat session with Betsy over Zoom to discuss your writing.  You’ll also receive a copy of Betsy’s book, Write On, A Daily Writing Practice for Anyone with a Story to Tell.

Cost: $1,100 per person, $300 discount if booked and paid in full by March 1, 2020

Click here to hold your spot with a $300 non-refundable deposit.

Betsy will send a list of nearby accommodations upon registration.

Friday, April 24th 

3 to 6 pm Opening writing circle

6 to 8 pm Opening dinner. Welcome to Auburn, Welcome to Your Story!

Saturday, April 25th

9.30 am to 12.30 pm Morning Writing Circle & Discussion

12.30 to 2 pm Lunch and optional swim or walk

2 to 6 pm Afternoon Story Workshopping Sessions

Evening: Dinner on your own

Sunday, April 26th

9.30 am to 12.30 pm Morning Writing Circle & Discussion

12.30 to 2 pm Lunch and optional swim or walk

2 to 4 pm Afternoon Story Workshopping Sessions

4 to 5 pm Closing Circle

Optional add-on: Monday, April 27th #writewithbetsy Private Session

Cost: $250

Includes Sunday night dinner, (optional) Monday morning walk, and Monday private session from 9-11 am or 11 am to 1 pm. If you are interested in booking the Monday session, please email betsy@betsybmurphy.com

About Auburn: Auburn is 35 minutes from the Sacramento airport as you drive east towards Lake Tahoe.  Auburn is part cowboy chic, part wine country fabulous. Gold was first discovered here in the 1850s and the American River still sparkles with gold. If you have time, go on one of the many popular hikes along the river trails or take a walk during lunch on one of the trails near Betsy’s home. You’ll want to explore charming downtown Auburn and if you have an extra day visit the nearby wine trail featuring popular California wineries. Upon registration, a list of Betsy’s recommended local Airbnbs and hotels will be sent to you along with some favorite restaurants and local places to explore.

Cancellation Policy: All sales are final. The $300 deposit is non-refundable but can be exchanged for a private (Zoom) session with Betsy if you can’t make the retreat. If you’ve paid in full and can’t make the retreat for any reason, you can transfer your spot to another woman or use that amount for credit on a retreat or writing sessions with Betsy within a year (to be used by May 2021).

Questions? Or you want to discuss which option is best for you?