“Betsy’s intuitive writing prompts have been a deep inspiration. They have uncovered the story within and taken me down writing pathways I could’ve never imagined.”

~ Melanie Ericksen, www.soulplay.us

  Earlier this year, Betsy offered 40 days of writing prompts with writers from eight countries. Due to the popularity of the prompts, Betsy is beginning another round on Sunday, April 14, 2019. This round is 14 days (instead of 40) and features all new prompts. The theme is Rising Voices: Telling Your Untold Stories. The word untold comes from the Old English word untealed which means to not be counted or reckoned. When we share our stories, we allow our voices to be part of a collective conversation and discover the places where our stories can entertain, educate, and inspire. We let our voices be counted. What are the untold stories of your life?

Feedback from writers on Betsy’s writing prompts:

   I had stopped writing altogether and even after Day 1 of the prompts, I feel like I’m returning to myself.

The writing prompts are definitely clearing some blocks.

This is helping me get clear on my book.

The daily writing prompts are freeing.

I’m thrilled by what is coming through in 15 minutes.

With these prompts, I’m finding the stories to finish my book.


 Rising Voices Writing Prompts $30 (click here to pay)

  The 14 days of writing prompts are designed to invite you into a writing experience that goes beyond morning pages and into personal storytelling. Each day you receive an email to open when you are ready to write for 15 minutes. There is nothing to turn in, only the suggestion to call a friend and read your story out loud. “During the 40 days, I wrote stories that I never knew wanted to be told – and a couple that even though I suspected they needed to be told, I had never been ready to tell them. Thanks, Betsy for giving me the opportunity, the inspiration, and the courage to finally begin to tell these stories. The prompts, however, should come with a warning for anyone writing in a public space such as a coffee shop. Warning: Committing to these prompts can cause spontaneous laughing and/or crying while writing!” Michael Shutt, Los Angeles  

Writing should liberate you, instead of making you

feel contracted and stuck.

~ Betsy B. Murphy

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  If you are normally a journal writer, the daily writing prompts are meant to give you focus so you begin crafting stories with a beginning, a middle, and an end. If you are considering writing a book, the prompts may lead you to new insights into what stories want to be told. If you don’t consider yourself a writer, you may be surprised how Betsy’s writing prompts turn you into one.

 Rising Voices Writing Prompts $30 (click here to pay)

Betsy’s writing prompts, teaching, and the space she creates changes lives and relationships. I have such gratitude for how gentle and encouraging Betsy was with my writing and how that feeling of safety allowed me to dig deeper.”

~ Elisabeth, NYC



The writing prompts arrive daily via email about 5pm PST and then it’s up to you to dedicate the time to write. It may be in the morning, it may be in the evening. There is no further commitment as Betsy prefers to get people offline to create, instead of offering an online course.

During the 14 days, Betsy invites you to send her any of your writing from the prompts as a way for your words to be witnessed. Betsy will let you know she read your prompts but she won’t make comments on the stories (additional feedback is offered through booking a private session with Betsy, see info below).

Suggested daily writing commitment: 15-20 minutes.

Fee: Rising Voices Writing Prompts $30 (click here to pay)

The writing prompts will go to email attached to payment. If you prefer another email, add that email to payment info.


Are you ready to write a book or TED-style talk?

You can add a private consultation with Betsy to discuss your story (only available through June 1, 2019). The consultation includes additional personalized writing prompts and bonus follow-up session on writing and publishing (including resources for both traditional and self-publishing).  There are no levels for your writing, only the desire to stop talking about that book or talk you want to write – and begin to write it.

Fee: $111 includes a 40-minute session via Zoom to discuss your writing, additional personalized prompts, and a bonus session via Zoom to discuss publishing options (all to be scheduled by June 1, 2019. Click here to pay. (You must be signed up for the 14 days of Rising Voices to book a private session.)

Any questions? Email betsy@betsybmurphy.com


“There is no better person than Betsy to help you start telling your stories.”

~ Susie, U.K.


Betsy and writers at a retreat in France

“Women like Betsy who are so supportive and loving to other women are a rare breed in my experience. I’m starting to believe in myself for the first time in a very long time. Publishing a book used to be a pipe dream of mine but…now in reach.

~ Victoria, NYC


Betsy and writers during one of her writing retreats in France.